Personal Data Assistant

Transform Your Donor Database with
Hatch's Personal Data Assistant

The Hatch PDA

In addition to Hatch’s core product of providing best-in-class data enrichment and fundraising + marketing automation services, Hatch now offers an all-in-one solution to improve your data cleanliness and completeness. With a Hatch PDA you will supercharge your organization's data hygiene and your prospect research efforts….at a fraction of the industry cost. The Hatch PDA is your professional ally in the world of data hygiene and prospect researching.

The Hatch PDA will assist in two areas


Improving Data Hygiene

Our data hygiene services ensure that all donor contact information across your database is complete and up to date. Your PDA will meticulously fill in missing details such as phone numbers, emails, and addresses for every possible donor in your database. Filling in this missing information will not only give you the critical information needed to engage with your supporters, but it will also improve accuracy of our signature enrichment process

Improving Data Hygiene


Accelerate Your Prospect Research

With the Hatch PDA, prospect researching becomes a breeze. Our diligent researchers will scour the Hatch-enriched annual reports, federal-state election forms, and foundation 990 reports to provide you with a thoroughly researched confirmation of public donation history. Additionally, your database will be enriched with highlighted signals of wealth, including professional status, investments, and properties.

Improving Data Hygiene

Affordable Pricing for Transformative Results

Our pricing starts at just $2600 per month per assistant, ensuring that even small organizations can benefit from advanced data integrity and prospect research, typically reserved for only large universities and hospitals.  Sign up for 3 months or more, and you'll unlock our discounted rate of $2200 per month. Invest in your data's future and witness the extraordinary impact on your prospecting, qualifying, and fundraising efforts.

Sign up now and Experience the Hatch Difference

Ready to witness the complete transformation of your donor database? Sign up for the Hatch PDA today and watch as your data becomes a valuable asset for your organization. Join the growing list of organizations that rely on Hatch for their data management needs.


How does Hatch do it?

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Three steps:

  1. First we unify all of a nonprofit’s donor data.
  2. Then we enrich and enhance every record with up to 300 pieces of new information using 3rd party data and our proprietary algorithms.
  3. We then leverage our Altruistic Intelligence™ to recommend the most personalized methods of engagement and fundraising.

Who is Hatch for?

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  • Nonprofit fundraisers looking to increase and streamline their fundraising.
  • Nonprofit Marketers and P2P campaign managers seeking to leverage data to accelerate results.

Why doesn’t this exist yet?

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It does in the for-profit world, where everything is driven by the bottom line. Our mission is to bring these powerful tools to causes driven by the topline: goodness. The most comparable tool available for nonprofits today are ‘wealth screening’ companies. But they are mostly a manual service and only give you information that help identify “the rich”. Hatch gives you intelligence on everyone! Helping you identify not only the ‘rich’ but also the influential. So now you can also find the perfect prospect for your next P2P campaign.

What data is needed for my Hatch enrichment?

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A name, phone, number, and email address is all that’s needed for Hatch to work our magic! Yet, the more data fields you provide us, the better the quality and quantity of data insights we can return.

Where is this data from?

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Hatch licenses to the most accurate and ethically gathered data sources. Not a single piece of data found in your enriched data set has come from illegal web scraping or unethical sources and we will keep it that way.

How accurate is Hatch’s data?

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Could you imagine if you had 100% certainty in all aspects of life? Wow! That would be cool. The Hatch data team is hard at work around the clock working on providing the most accurate data that they can provide. Is it 100% accurate? Not yet!

How often is this data updated?

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People don’t move apartments, jobs, or cell phone providers each week. Political campaigns happen on average once or twice a year. Hatch enriches data every quarter and that data is accessible to you based on your Hatch tier. [some daily - news , monthly - donations, quarterly - jobs , annually - politcal giving and location]